Founded over a quarter of a century ago, Online Trading Academy has played a pivotal role in the education and preparation of online traders throughout the world. Founded on game-changing technology and fueled by constant improvements and adjustments within the sphere, Online Trading Academy was recently awarded both a Gold and Silver Stevie Award for its efforts in the space.

The Gold and Silver Stevie Awards were offered by the International Business Awards, the second straight year that they’ve enjoyed such honors. This past year the International Business Awards accrued more than 3,700 total nominations from organizations both in the private and public space, in non-profit and for-profit roles.

Online Trading Academy would secure its victories in the Learning Capacity-Building Solution and Emerging Technology Categories for Skill-Building Education and Product Innovation.

Earning Their Awards

Online Trading Academy enjoyed a momentous two-year span during the COVID-19 pandemic as their digital solutions became increasingly sought after during home quarantine protocols. Online Trading Academy has always utilized technology to connect with its clients and this past year was not any different.

The Award-Winning Stratos Technology utilized by OTA allows students and instructors to connect seamlessly in a digital, online environment where they can provide feedback, share skills, and learn trades alongside a knowledgeable instructor.

Steve Albin, VP of Product Operations, spoke extensively on the products offered by OTA as well as the recent awards and accolades that the company has won. Albin pointed to their proprietary trading platform, CliK, before saying, “Stratos shortens the learning curve for our students and it’s a game changer. Time and time again, our students share how much easier it is to make decisions and follow the risk management rules they set for themselves.”

Albin’s words of praise were echoed by OTA’s CTO, Eyal Marmareli, “OTA loves to be blazing a new trail. In early 2020, challenging work events necessitated significant changes in the way we deliver our training to students.”

The Stratos platform gives students the ability to learn at their own pace while enjoying working alongside their peers. CliK is programmed, according to Albin, to keep students on the right track while also giving them the flexibility and freedom to deviate from their own trading rules.

CliK is an all-in-one education, analysis, and trading platform that has integrated the proprietary strategic methodology cultivated by the OTA team. CliK helps to reinforce good habits for traders as they learn how to operate within the field. Through this integrated trial-and-error training method, students are able to learn in real-time.

Marmareli would go on to say, “Stratos empowers our instructors and students with multiple levels of smart, remote learning controls.”

Learn More About Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy is an industry leader in financial education for aspiring students looking to build the skills and develop the confidence they need to succeed in today’s financial markets. OTA fuels its work through a Core Strategy methodology designed to help you make smarter decisions.