Technology’s Role In Lean Construction

As construction companies continue to integrate technology into their operations, they become more and more lean. Meaning they’re able to maximize the customer’s value while minimizing waste throughout their work. Limiting waste such as excess transportation, overprocessing, and under-utilized talents can be accomplished with the help of the latest technological advances in the industry. While there is no singular line of attack when it comes to implementing lean construction, utilizing certain technology is a great place to start. For instance, collaboration software designed to enhance mobile-based project management has become a necessity in today’s nonstop climate. When put to work in the field, this software offers real-time data transference. The result is more streamlined processes and a boost in productivity. Along the same lines is automated scheduling. The latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are capable of analyzing millions of possible schedule configurations with just the press of a button. Not only does this take care of the labor needed to create a schedule, but the AI-generated schedule removes inefficiencies and waste for a superior product human creation simply cannot match. Lastly, cloud-based software can go a long way in digitalizing a worksite. By eliminating historical “paper processes,” these technologies help organizations of all sizes mitigate project risk, drive cost predictability and so much more. Hoping to learn more about the technology utilized in lean construction? Check out the accompanying resource for more information.

Technology’s Role In Lean Construction presented by Hi-Vis, a company specializing in scaffold estimating software

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