The Art of Persuasion: Crafting Compelling Content for SMS Campaigns

When planning SMS campaigns, generating the most persuasive content should be a top priority because people need a reason to engage and continue to receive your messages. It’s too easy for someone to text “stop” without warning, and now you’ve just lost a direct channel to a customer. Moreover, 60% of recipients will read your SMS campaign message within 1–5 minutes, with a 9.18% higher clickthrough rate than other digital marketing methods.

Compelling content meets conversion objectives. It makes recipients want to receive your messages. It gets results. However, creating it is a constant challenge.

1. Timing Is Everything 

When you think of content, the actual substance of the message may be your first thought, as well as it should be. However, the sum value of a persuasive text is more than what’s on the screen. “When” is a factor in how compelling recipients perceive it to be.

Research shows the early bird gets the worms. Since 75% of consumers check their phones first thing in the morning, sending your messages based on typical wake-up times for your target audience allows you to be the first thing they see. On top of this, a Gallup poll found most people are, in fact, “morning people.”

This is when people are most productive, and your message just pushes itself to the top of their to-do list. Consider using an SMS scheduling tool to send SMS reminders and run SMS campaigns based on time zone. There are many, such as Mitto.

2. Make It Personal 

Simply adding a person’s name to an SMS campaign message is an easy way to personalize it, and it works. Names are a key that unlocks the door to someone’s attention. You immediately became alert when you were a child and an adult called your name. This habit follows people through life.

This trick seems like it should have stopped working by now, but people are hardwired to give you their undivided attention when you say their name.

However, this isn’t a manual task. Your SMS API can insert the recipient’s name into your messages automatically.

3. Be Clear and Concise 

A compelling message gets to the point quickly. It directly states your unique value proposition and shares the next step through a persuasive call to action.

4. Set Up an Autoresponder 

Autoresponse messages have the highest view rates of any marketing medium. That’s because people are expecting them.

Whether a customer just signed up for SMS or is changing an appointment, you can restate your unique value proposition and encourage them to take another action, such as rescheduling a canceled appointment or taking advantage of a special offer.

Many autoresponder technologies exist to make it easy to set this up—for example, the Mitto SMS API.

5. Reengage Customers 

Does your company treat a sale as the end of the pipeline? This couldn’t be further from the best practice. You have approximately a 5% chance to sell to a stranger but a 60–70% chance to sell to someone who has bought before. Once they’ve experienced your product and brand, they know what to expect and feel good about it.

Tap into that emotion to compel them to buy again by launching SMS campaigns that send personalized offers your customers will likely want to take advantage of after their previous purchase. Send SMS reminders so they don’t forget they have an offer waiting for them.

6. Find What Works and Template It 

If you find yourself typing something repeatedly, it’s time to create a template to save time. You’ll become more consistent, it’s easier to compare results across campaigns, and you’ll get the highest ROI. As you measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns, you’ll find that some marketing messages get better results. Recapture what’s working by choosing and reusing your most effective templates.

As a bonus, the SMS gateway you’re using may provide you with exclusive access to templates they’ve tested on various audiences. Using them will help you get results faster.

7. Fine-Tune It 

To get the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns, measure, analyze, and apply fine artistic strokes to these compelling content strategies. This will make your content most meaningful to your audience and help you achieve your SMS goals.

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