Top Tech Companies: Daniel Shin’s PortOne Global Sets Tone for Tech-Forward Innovation

Financial technology has grown by leaps and bounds, often by necessity, and has led to significant changes in our operations. Shoppers are more than ever utilizing the internet to find the things they need at the prices they can afford. Merchants rely on digital payment solutions to facilitate the sales they need to thrive and prosper.

In today’s competitive world, where so many companies are vying for a limited pool of consumers, having reliable financial technology can be the difference between a sale and a failure.

Today, we are diving into Asia’s thriving fintech market to understand better the different companies operating therein.

Introducing PortOne Global: the Work of Daniel Shin

Daniel Shin is an entrepreneur and CEO who has spent most of the past two decades developing into a financial technology expert. Shin founded PortOne Global to facilitate transactions in Asia’s crowded and contentious market, utilizing a single API to concentrate many primary payment methods.

PortOne Global works seamlessly with more than 2,500 global merchants to help connect consumers to the purchase that they are looking to make. If Daniel Shin’s name sounds familiar, it is due to his prior success in the industry, gearing TMON toward becoming one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the region back when it was founded in 2010.

Embrace the Benefits of Line Pay

LINE is an extensive system of services based in Japan, from social media and messengers to payment processing. LINE Pay is a payment processing extension of the famous LINE brand, which services more than 94 million people in the region.

LINE Pay transfers money from one person to the next utilizing a contact system that is safe and secured, anchored by a credit card or bank account. Online and offline sellers can use LINE Pay Merchant to increase sales while integrating better payment processing into their systems.

The Mobikwik Difference in Payment Processing

Mobikwik is a popular payment tech provider based in India where it gives users access to a mobile wallet. Mobile wallets on Mobikwik can be used at stores or to handle finances, allowing many users to enjoy the ‘buy now and pay later’ benefits.

MobiKwik was founded in 2009 and now embraces over 100 million active users. Mobikwik recently announced its Wallets to announce the acceptance of user-to-user payment systems.

Understanding the Benefits of Paytm

While Line Pay and PortOne Global continue to dominate conversations in the thriving financial technology services field, Paytm continues to quietly and effectively foster a growing community. First founded in India in 2009, Paytm has become an integral service for more than 300 million users and 20 million merchants.

Paytm aims to integrate more than half of a billion unserved and underserved Indians as they seek to join the mainstream economy. With any luck and effort, Paytm can have a sizable impact on its community.

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